Glass Hoppers


“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” – Aristotle

Well designed products means that beauty and usability are in balance. An object that is beautiful to the core is no better than one that is only pretty if they both lack usability. The products must be affordable, functional, and pleasurable. And above all a pleasure to own, a pleasure to use. After all, attractive things work better. We at Glass Hoppers adhere to this philosophy and create products that will not just serve your needs, but will do so with elan and chutzpah!

What is all this about?

Depending on who you ask, you may get a different meaning and definition entirely. In the interest of human curiosity and intelligence, we the GlassHoppers have taken it upon ourself to educate, excite and entertain your with our version of ‘the truth’.

It has often been said that in the beginning was the word. Okay maybe, we shouldn’t rewind all the way to rewrite history as we know it. We’ll just stick to glass for now shall we? Have you ever tried writing your name on the sand at a beach? Yeah, it can get rather frustrating! So our ancestors were hellbent on revenge on the little grains of sand. They grabbed a bunch of those pesky silica and fused them together. Confident that they had now captured them and had them under their control, they waited for the Romans to come along and name it ‘glass’. Don’t ask me why, but I’m happy they didn’t call it ‘Silicus Suckus’. I wouldn’t hire a Roman baby-name expert if I were you. Now that the world was whirling rapidly towards oblivion and the good design deviants world over decided that the world need less sand pyramids and more glass and steel buildings. After all we needed to show our superiority over those pesky sand particles. Now that we had conquered the world with our rather zealous use of glass everywhere – from buildings to chandeliers we knew there was still something missing!

Emotion in Design

Advances in our understanding of emotion and affect have implications for the science of design. Affect changes the operating parameters of cognition: positive affect enhances creative, breadth-first thinking whereas negative affect focuses cognition, enhancing depth-first processing and minimizing distractions. Therefore, it is essential that products designed for use under stress follow good human-centered design, for stress makes people less able to cope with difficulties and less flexible in their approach to problem solving. Positive affect makes people more tolerant of minor difficulties and more flexible and creative in finding solutions. Products designed for more relaxed, pleasant occasions can enhance their usability through pleasant, aesthetic design. Aesthetics matter: attractive things work better!

Well, lucky for you folks, the search for such balanced products is over. The GlassHoppers are here. Yes! We promise you bliss, nirvana and kingdom come while still meeting your functional needs. All you have to do is buy our exquisitely exciting range of zany and uber cool glassware. Breaking off limitations and rules laid down by the holy grail of glass makers since the history of glass, we slump, fuse and do other unspeakable acts to glass in the deep recesses of our private ovens, saving you the agony of watching these dirty deeds. You are only shown the beautiful end product which will bring joy, love and eternal sunshine to your home!